Nature Cafe Bar's "Staying Alive" Vegan Burger takes the 2019 "Burger Off" Crown

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Restaurant and Cafe | Frankston

Nature Cafe Bar offers delicious and healthy dishes in Frankston. Visit us today!

Food that tastes as good as it looks

About Nature Cafe Bar

Nature Cafe Bar was established to inspire others to share our passion for beautiful food, good health and a clean environment through food that tastes as good as it looks.

We offer many modern adaptations of traditional meat dishes that have been recreated with vegetarian-friendly ingredients, such as mock meats, vegan eggs, tofu and legumes. Our family-friendly restaurant welcomes people of all ages to try meat-free delicious and healthy food.

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Beautiful, delicious and healthy food

Vegan Restaurant, Seaford

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Irresistible Dishes

Using fresh ingredients, Nature Cafe Bar serves a wide variety of dishes to promote healthy eating. We are the perfect destination for vegans and vegetarians as well as anyone looking to eat a healthy meal.

Additionally, we are licensed and offer a great spot for large groups and private functions. We take great care in ensuring our food lovers have the best meal in a fun and happy atmosphere with live musical acts.

The perfect destination for healthy eaters

Vegan Restaurant, Frankston

Why Dine at Nature Cafe Bar?

Delicious Dishes

We specialise in delicious, healthy dishes and cater to vegans and vegetarians as well

Friendly Customer Service

Our highly informed staff will be able to answer all your questions

Fun and Lively

We host our guests in a relaxed setting where they feel welcome

Fresh and Healthy

We guarantee fresh ingredients and healthy dishes

Looking for healthy food? Visit us!

We also rent the restaurant for weddings and open mic nights.


Nature Cafe Bar

1/3 Thompson St

Frankston, VIC 3199

(03) 9068 5219